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The Self-Power Center was established in 1995 to offer a safe place for the discovery of self and personal development. Everything that is offered at the Center is founded on Self-Power, the belief that we each hold inside ourselves the power to be what we want to be in this life - we just need to learn how to tap into that power. Along with Self-Power Training and Personal Holistic Coaching, we offer the relaxing, healing treatments of Hypnosis, Reiki, and Life Balancing Therapy so that you can produce positive results.

Self-Power Training offers easy to learn, practical techniques and tools that will program your mind to positive action, your body to release stress and heal, and your spirit to believe in the you, you truly want to be.

The mission of the Center is to offer a number of classes and services to allow each individual the opportunity to select the most appropriate and comfortable methods to achieve their goals. If you are not familiar with some of the modalities offered or are not sure which ones would be of assistance for the challenges that you are facing, the answers you need are just a phone call away.

We offer a free phone consultation to help in determining the most appropriate modalities and classes that will produce the fastest and most effective resolutions for you. The Center is a non-clinical environment, that is filled with soothing, positive energy. Both clients and students are treated to individual attention and given information specific to their particular needs.

Whether you attend a class or come in for a one-on-one session, you will experience a new sense of peace, calm and confidence when your visit is complete. We take great pride in the fact that within the Self-Power Center we have created a safe, comfortable place for all who come to join us on the path to...

"Balance, Harmony & Peace"

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